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Reset User Password

Resetting a user password is relatively simple. This is not specific for WooCommerce or even for Membership sites. The process is the same no matter the type of WordPress site that is being used. We will assume that you are already logged in.

After logging in, go to Users:

Once on the page showing all the users go to the user of your choice. Feel free to utilize the search box on the right of the page. Once you see the user of your choice, hover over the name and an edit button will appear, click that.

Great! That will load the user profile. Scroll down the page until you come to the Account Management section. In this section is where you will reset the password. You will see the Generate Password button, click that. It will automatically generate a password but you can write in a password of your choosing. If your password is to weak then you will have to click a button confirming the use of the weak password. Once you have entered the password of your choosing scroll to the button of the page and click Update User.

Congratulations! You have updated the user password.

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