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Add Simple Product

Adding a simple product is much like adding a variable product at the beginning. Before you add a simple product you want to make sure you understand the needs for the product that you are adding. If you will have any variations for this product you will to add a variable product. Make sure you understand your needs before you get started.

After you have logged into your dashboard the first step is really easy. Once you have clicked PRODUCTS you will see the Add New button in two places. Click in either of those places.

Now that you are in the Add New Product screen you will be able to enter the product information. You will see a spot for the Product Name, enter what you want the product to be called here. Underneath that there is a spot for the description of the product. This is for the long description. The long description will show in the additional tab area once the product is live. Next, you will see Product Data – keep this as Simple Product:

In the product data area you will enter all the necessary information about your product. The first screen is the General area. This is where you will set your price. You are also able to schedule a sale price, we will ignore this feature in this tutorial.

Next, select the inventory tab. This is where you will set the SKU for your product.

Next, select the shipping tab. This is where you will set the weight and dimensions of the product.

Now, you can input a short description. This description will appear directly underneath the product.

Lastly, you get to select META information. If you have multiple pictures you can input those into the Product Gallery section. You will want to set the main image for the product. This image will show wherever the product is featured. You will do this in the product image area. Click on set product image. Next, set some tags for your product. This will be pretty specific to your product. After that, put the product into a category. A lot of times the product will only go into one category. Now that you have all that done, your product is ready to go live. Hit the publish button!

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