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Add New User

Sometimes, you just have to add a new user. And, believe it or not, we keep it simple. First, head to the users area…

Now, you have two places you can click to add a New User.

You will want to fill out the information on this page. If you are part of a multisite network you may see something that says Add Existing User – ignore this. Scroll down to the Add New User area. Enter the Username and Email. There is a box that you can check our leave unchecked depending on if you want to send the user an email. Normally, I suggest that you DO NOT send the user the automated email.

Now, it is time to the edit the details of the new user…fun! Go to users page and, after hovering a user, click edit.

Once on this page, it is pretty self explanatory. Just fill out all the fields. To set the user password see the Reset User Password tutorial.

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