Our goal is to help businesses, churches, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs or whomever may be looking to build a website but want to go through the DIY route. We help these businesses build websites, learn how to maintain them, and then have the opportunity to repeat.

Courses created by Industry Professionals

From building a website, videography, or starting a digital agency we have a ton of courses on the way!

We know the feeling of having goals and a certain level of skills but wanting more. We know about spending money on courses and countless hours on Youtube looking for the perfect tutorial on just the subject that we need. This process is tiring, difficult and sometimes ineffective. So, we put together courses where we help you do the tasks you need while teaching the skills you will need to do it again in the future. 

Web Development

Learn to build and design websites. From hosting the website to launching it, you will learn it all!

Digital Marketing

A top level skill in this modern age is being effective in Digital Marketing. Real World Experience Matters here.

Social Media

Whether for personal or business, Social Media is here to stay. Learn how to use it effectively.

Graphic Design

The world of graphic design is large. Learn how to setup, design and then export files using Adobe.

Digital Agency

This course will teach you how to start a digital agency and includes a plethora of docs to help.


Videography is an amazing skill that transfers to both business and personal. Learn to shoot and edit here!


Everyone has a brand. And it matters. It is how you get a first impression. Make your brand effective

More Courses!

We are working to develop new courses. Send us an email of what you would like to learn!

Become an expert

The best way to become an expert is by learning from an expert. The courses you will learn from are built and managed by professionals who are experts in their respective industries. You will learn through live courses from these professionals and will have the opportunity to ask questions. By the end, if applied, you will have the opportunity to become an expert.

Learn by Doing

All of our courses are setup to be hands on. They teach you by doing, not just by seeing.

We have found that the most effective way to learn is by a hands on learning experience. College does not always give you this opportunity. But our unique learning experience gives you the opportunity to learn from industry professionals in a hands on setting. 

Build and repeat

We don’t just want to help you complete your project, we want you to be able to do it again in the future.

Our goal is to equip you so that once you take one of our courses you are ready to launch into the formerly unknown and complete the projects that used to be extremely difficult. The internet will become your friend. 

Achieve your goals

You know that deep down inside you really do want to be web designer, or videographer, or whatever it may be…

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. So, if you help us achieve our goals we will help you achieve your goals. With a certificate showing your accomplishment, we will all have reasons for excitement!

 After taking the Web Development course I was able to start my own business!

I had always wanted a career in Web Development but was not sure how I would be able to achieve this dream. The Web Development course opened a whole new avenue for me!

John Smith, This Could Be You


We live in a generation driven by the question “WHY???” so, we help to answer that question here…

If you do not see the question that you have listed here, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page. Or, if you just want to reach out to us because you are trying to figure out if we are even cool you can do that too…

How long are the courses?

Courses that are live courses will be between 10 and 12 weeks long. We are looking at developing some at your pace courses as well. These, of course, will have no time parameters.

Who are the teachers?

Since we are teaching real world skills, the teachers are people who have done these things in the real world. Our teacher roster is small but growing. If you think you can help let us know.

Like...is this legit?

You better believe it is! I know it is hard to believe that something this good actually exists, but it does. Created by the founder of StarrWebVision.com we are confident you won’t be disappointed.

Who is this for?

Great question, glad you asked. These courses are for people young and a little older than young – everyone. They are designed for those that learn best from a hands on experience 

How do the courses work?

The live courses are a mixture of goals that students will work to achieve mixed with live teaching sessions. Don’t think you will be able to attend? We do record the sessions for viewing on your schedule

When do they start?

Each course has it’s own unique start date. Click on the course to find out the specific details. We do have at your own pace courses that can be taken whenever works for you!

Free Courses

We are working on launching some free courses as well as premium courses. To stay tuned for when our free courses launch sign up for our email list!

Premium Courses

Our first premium course is coming soon! This course will be launching in October of 2018. Want to be apart? Reach out to us via our contact form. We won’t disappoint.

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